COVID-19 Emergency Alerts

The Emergency Alerts accelerator provides a mass communication employee crisis response capability

COVID-19 Liberty Create 10.4

Release date

20th March 2020


Liberty Create 10.4




Liberty Create Accelerator


Click here to see the COVID-19 Emergency Alerts Accelerator in action. 

The COVID-19 Emergency Alerts accelerator is designed to provide a simple way to send targeted SMS alert messages in an emergency situation.  As with all accelerators, it provides you with a functional building block for you to extend to suit your own requirements.

Most of the basic requirements have been included:

  • Best in class SMS transmission capabilities and functionality
  • Address Books (with user definable fields)
  • Upload numbers via CSV
  • SMS scheduling for future delivery
  • Custom fields may be attached to all contacts within Address Books
  • Transmission filters to locate contacts with custom filed data
  • Automatic SMS expiry
  • Restriction on delivery times
  • SMS Templates to pre-define messages
  • Mail-Merge



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