Anti Social Behaviour Module

Anti Social Behaviour Module that has been developed to support the front end reporting and back end case management

Liberty Create 2021.3
Release Date
10th October 2022


Form Completion
When the citizen or agent is completing the form, they have the option to define the ASB type from a selection of available options. If the type Noise Nuisance is selected, then a further Type of Noise Nuisance can be defined. Whichever option is chosen, the user has the ability to provide a multi-line Brief description of the issue being reported.
Once this has been completed, the form asks the user to confirm that the location address is the same as their registered address in the system; if not then they can provide the address of the issue. The user must then tick a box indicating that they agree to the privacy notice and will need to provide their details to progress the case.

2    Case Process
The case process allows for multiple actions to be performed by the back office, these are as follows:
2.1    Internal Note
Offers the agent the ability to create a note related to the case, the Note direction can be chosen (either Inbound, Outbound or Internal) and the note contents must be specified. The value entered will be accessible on the Notes page for the case.
2.2    Send Correspondence
Provides a text box, which allows the agent to define the body of an email sent to the person to whom the case is related. The email will be sent automatically when the case stage is completed and can be viewed on the case Messages page.
2.3    Dispute Resolved / Escalated to Police
Allows notes to be added explaining the reason for the resolution or escalation; will result in the closure of the case.
2.4    Schedule Visit
Allows a visit to be scheduled, with a date and a timeslot selection defined by the agent. Once this has been completed, the options Reschedule Visit, Warning Issued and Eviction Process Initiated are made available once this has been performed.
2.5    Reschedule Visit
Gives the option to reschedule a visit that has already been defined – a new date and timeslot need to be entered by the agent
2.6    Warning Issued / Eviction Process Initiated
Allows notes to be added explaining the reason for the warning or eviction; will result in the closure of the case.