CH Missed Collections

The CH Missed Bins Module provides a way for residents to report that their waste bins have not been collected by the waste team on the designated day.

Citizen Hub 2021.3
Release Date
12th November 2020


CH Modules are designed to help accelerate a council’s implementation of a particular service delivery.  The CH Modules are designed to work as part of the Netcall CH Framework and therefore both CH Central and CH Host are prerequisites.

The CH Framework has been created in a way that allows you to download and deploy these accelerators yourself.  Alternatively, this can be done in partnership with Netcall, and we offer a dedicated CH Training course to help you learn to deploy, create and share your own CH add-ons.

A challenge for local authorities is dealing with requests from residents who believe that their bins have been missed on a collection day. The CH Missed Bins Module provides a simple solution that will allow residents to log claims of missed bins using a simple single-paged form.  The layout of the form is in a format to support use by council staff who may need to raise a case on behalf of a resident, or to allow residents to raise a case directly themselves through a portal or website.  The forms contains basic data capture required to raise a case.  Once a case is logged it will be handled within CH central until its conclusion and council staff managing waste or missed bins requests will be able to perform the following actions;
Mark as not valid i.e. the bin was not presented or was contaminated
Schedule a collection – i.e. the bin was genuinely missed and the crew will revisit
Email the customer mid-case –  i.e. for further information
Add an internal note – for the benefit of other council users.
Throughout the process status updates are configured so that residents are kept up to date as their case progresses via email.

The module includes specified bin types based on an example council.  It is likely that the bin types may need to be renamed or some added / removed depending on the council.  These are set to just Boolean data types and presented on the form as tick box items.

The module can be expanded to include additional questions and additional process steps to suit a particular council’s requirement. Although the module doesn’t include any integrations, using the Liberty Create integrations features the accelerator can easily be expanded to include integration to a back office or external contractor's solution if required.