CH Parking Permit Module

The CH Parking Permit Module provides public access for applying for either a residential or commercial parking permit

Citizen Hub 2021.3
Release Date
20th November 2020


CH Modules are designed to help accelerate a council’s implementation of a particular service delivery.  The CH Modules are designed to work as part of the Netcall CH Framework and therefore both CH Central and CH Host are prerequisites.

The CH Framework has been created in a way that allows you to download and deploy these accelerators yourself.  Alternatively, this can be done in partnership with Netcall, and we offer a dedicated CH Training course to help you learn to deploy, create and share your own CH add-ons.

The Netcall CH Parking Permit Module supports applications for both residential and commercial parking permits, with the option to specify the vehicle(s) that the permit is for. The functionality includes the full approval process, providing support for the submission of additional documentation to support the application.

This Module also includes an appeals process which allows the applicant to submit additional information to appeal against the decision. 

The CH Parking Permit Module can be expanded to include additional questions and additional process steps to suit a particular council’s requirement. Whilst the Module doesn’t include any integrations, using the MATS integrations features the Module can be easily expanded to include integration to a payment engine of the council's choosing.