Claims Management 2023

A claims handling process for insurance organisations, integrating First Notification of Loss processes, customer records, policies and outside third-party party agencies

Liberty Create 2023.3
Release Date
25th June 2021


This Accelerator is designed as an example of claims handling for an insurance organisation. Claims handling systems are already in place in a number of organisations and this Accelerator shows how Liberty Create can work alongside them, helping to integrate FNOL (first notification of loss) processes, customer records, policies and outside third-party party agencies and presenting them in a unified view, as well as enriching the data with other services, for example, What Three Words location software and weather data from OpenWeather.Org.

The Accelerator provides an administration interface, allows the viewing and importing of customer, policy and claim data, as well as 3rd parties that can be linked to a claim and requested to provide supporting information. All of these records have an import routine created, allowing data to be uploaded via csv for initial testing, but it is anticipated that the data would be sourced via a number of APIs to the organisation’s other CRM applications.

A second interface, for managing a claims process, with allocated cases, tasks, document viewing, messaging and other features is also included.