COVID-19 Business Rates Relief 2023

This Accelerator delivers the complete process of identifying businesses that are entitled to Business Rate Relief and managing the resulting requests.

Liberty Create 2023.3
Release Date
9th November 2020
Croydon Council


Click here to see a Video presentation of the COVID-19 Business Rates Relief Accelerator.

This Accelerator provides businesses with the opportunity to apply for financial support known as Business Rate Relief from the government and fast processing of these requests. It helps the local councils to identify the right candidates for the support needed as well as monitor the overall process in a transparent and fair manner.

The system differentiates between the different levels of severity in the current environment for the businesses and helps the speedy processing of claims with constant communication between the claimants and local councils.

Cases can be reviewed on a daily basis, highlighting any potential SLA breaches that might occur during the execution of requests for business relief grants.