COVID-19 Community Support 2020

The Community Support Accelerator connects vulnerable people to support volunteers. This Accelerator has been upgraded to 2020


Liberty Create 2022.2

Release Date
12th November 2020

Adur & Worthing Councils



Click here to see a Video presentation of this COVID-19 Community Support Accelerator.

This Community Support Accelerator allows Volunteers to register their availability, and people requiring help to request support.  The process of connecting these groups can then be tightly managed, to facilitate connecting together Volunteers, staff or external organisations with those needing support in these difficult times.

The process differentiates between the different types of requests by the members of public e.g. food bank requests, shopping help, or safety advice. It also helps the application handlers with the ability to connect vulnerable members of the public with volunteers in the same neighbourhoods.

Managers have an overview of volunteers’ workloads, as well as any potential SLA breaches that might occur during the execution of requests.