Date Difference Presenter

This Presenter shows the time until or time since an event or other date.

Liberty Create 2020.1+
Release Date
9th December 2020


The Date Difference presenter greatly simplifies the task of showing the time until or time since an event or other date. Its display logically progresses the layer of accuracy shown, relative to the distance to the event.

Showing years and months, followed by months and weeks, weeks and days, days and hours, hours and minutes and eventually just minutes.

In its default mode the presenter will show a negative figure when the event has passed and the colour of the presenter will go from green to red.

The presenter will switch to hours for the last 48 hours, with an additional warning stage, whereby the presenter will show amber, by setting a threshold in minutes before the event. We can also bring forward the danger state with another threshold. An inverse flag allows you to switch the dates to correct a negative value.

In Anniversary Mode, the presenter simplifies to a year value and will provide an accurate age.