Emi - The Environmental Management System (EMS) platform 2023

A collaborative platform to implement an environmental management system based on ISO 14001:2015 to improve environmental performance.

Liberty Create 2023.3
Release Date
19th August 2022
DI Blue


Watch a demo or Learn more about Emi – The Environmental Management System platform.

Emi is your go-to platform to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS), and beyond.

Implement EMS with Emi, a collaborative platform to manage your documentation, processes and actions to meet legal and voluntary environmental obligations and achieve environmental objectives to improve environmental performance.

Emi enables an organisation, regardless of size or type, to:

– Reference standards, guidance and policies throughout the system, keeping knowledge and implementation together

– Model the external environment: stakeholders, commitments, obligations, opportunities and threats

– Model the internal landscape: departments, teams, business processes and locations

– Design and allocate controls, assign ownership, keep documentation and records;

– Enable assessment, with subsequent observations and actions.

The Emi platform is developed by DI Blue who retains the intellectual property rights (IPR).

DI Blue is more than happy to provide managed services and support on the Emi platform.
Get in touch with DI Blue for more information and support.

Please note:  Make sure the organisation has the appropriate ISO 14001:2015 licence agreement in place in case of multiple users. ISO – Terms and conditions – Licence Agreement

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