Eureka - Bugs and Ideas 2023

A simple Ideas and Bugs management Accelerator.

Liberty Create 2023.3
Release Date
17th March 2022


Eureka is a very simple Ideas and Bugs management application that allows Users, both internal and external, to create Ideas, or register Bugs in any of your systems, providing visibility of these items to all of your Users and then allows Users to vote on these items.

The voting process can help you to prioritise the items created and provide a practical roadmap for your development team, based on the number of votes received for the created items.

The accelerator has two very simple interfaces:
Items: The default User interface where Items may be created, voted upon, commented on, or supporting files added.
Items Admin: This is where the business can edit and review submitted Items and determine whether they should be progressed or declined. You can also review all related actions around a submitted Item, including uploads, comments and system messages.

There is also a Reporting table where you can see statistics and listings that summarise all submitted Items.