Healthcare Complaints 2023.3

Healthcare Resolve Accelerator - Complaints Management System

Liberty Create 2023.3
Release Date
23rd September 2019


A healthcare accelerator designed to provide the ability to view, amend and process the complaints submitted by the members of public in relation with the services they’ve received from their healthcare provider. These complaints present the detailed view of the specific healthcare services, relevant trusts as well as the expected outcome of different cases.

It is an intuitive yet powerful solution which caters for the complaint’s specifics e.g. ‘what happened’, ‘where it happened’ and ‘when it happened’. The solution facilitates logging a complaint on behalf of someone else in case the complainant is not able to do it themselves and have given the power of attorney to someone.

The solution allows attaching documentary evidence as well as two ways communication between the complaint handlers and the member of public.

The solution also helps the managers to predict any bottlenecks in terms of the agents’ workload as well as any potential SLA breaches that might occur during the day to day work.