Mailto link

A presenter that allows the email field to be a link that you can click and opens a new email, with a pre-populated Subject Line and Body Text, based of field values, if desired.

Liberty Create 2021.3+
Release Date
8th February 2023


This mailto link presenter is a useful tool that allows you to make email address fields become linkable, so that on-click a new email is created within your email provider with the recipient automatically specified.

This is a useful feature as it allows you to quickly create an email and automatically specify the recipient. This setting can be applied to any email address or text single-line base format fragments. The recipient is sourced from the email address that is output from the fragment.

A RegEx pattern is used to determine whether the output of your property is a valid email address; If so, then the email address will become a mailto link.

However, if the value of your property is not a valid email address, then a mailto link will not be generated and the field will remain static text.

This presenter also contains additional settings that optionally allow you to specify a subject line and/or body content within your email, to make it easier to quickly create templated emails.