NHS Patient Possessions 2023

This application is designed for NHS Hospitals to keep track of Patients' valuable possessions.

Liberty Create 2023.3
Release Date
18th March 2021


Patients increasingly bring expensive valuables with them when visiting the hospital, such as iPads, smartwatches and phones. Some patients have hearing aids or other medical equipment that needs to be noted so that, if they move beds or wards during surgery or other appointments, porters and other staff can ensure the valuables are moved with them.

The application allows a hospital to log a patient against a ‘tracking’ record and record all the items they have with them with a description and image of the item(s). Patients can then digitally sign to note the items they have dropped off, and when they are back on the ward, sign to confirm they have all their items before they are discharged. The application also allows for a missing item process to be kicked off if items are missing, which can either be managed via another Create accelerator for complaints (https://community.netcall.com/appshare/complaints-management/) or be integrated with other hospital systems for managing a complaint.