Page Element Collapser

Allows for sections of a Page to be Collapsable

Liberty Create 2021.3+
Release Date
24th March 2022
Dylan Jones, Morning Data


The Collapser Widget, when placed on a page, provides the functionality for making the following element collapsible. 

This allows for an Element to be hidden until the Widget is clicked on, which is particularly useful for showing extra information only when required

Page Element Collapser V.20 Update

An updated version to the original Collapser widget by Dylan Jones (full credit to them for the idea and original code ).

This widget makes the following widget (or whole container with multiple widgets inside) collapsible. Useful for showing extra information only when required.

The updated version now supports:
– All types of widgets (including lists)
– Session storage (expanded state is stored when navigating away and back to a page)
– Two types of theming (original version + default Create collapsible heading)

Page Element Collapser V.3.0 Update by Adam Mills

The updated version now supports:
– Static Title or Dynamic
– Collapse one or more Page Cells which follow. (v2)
– Start Collapsed or Expanded (v2)
– Optionally (v2) remembers state using session storage
– Set Background Colour
– Rounded Corners
– Updated for lists