Payment Support Portal 2023

Provides Service Organisations a channel for their customers to apply for payment support / debt relief.

Liberty Create 2023.3
Release Date
31st October 2020


This Accelerator is designed to provide an organisation which is providing a service, for example utility supply, mortgage, loan facility etc. a channel for their customers to apply for payment support / debt relief when they are struggling to make the payment schedule they have with the organisation.

The Accelerator allows a customer to register and use either a series of web pages, or, if they choose to register, a portal to provide a summary of the details for payment support, capturing information about their home situation, income, outgoings and savings. This replaces the traditional method of paper forms, mailed or faxed to the organisation along with copies of information needed to support the application, but does still provide the option to download if the customer so wishes. Some logic is employed based on the overall remaining household income balance each month and the application is then routed into high, medium and automated routes for the organisations debt support team to review and process.