PPE Co-ordinator 2023

Manage the process of Personal Protective Equipment requests.

Liberty Create 2023.3
Release Date
9th November 2020
Cumbria County Council Digital and Innovation Team


This PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Co-ordination Accelerator allows users of the service from a range of organisations to place requests for equipment, in this case PPE to the responsible Local Authority and for this to be co-ordinated in line with other requests from the same organisation and in line with available stock levels. Organisations submit a request and complete information relating to the organisation which are then processed by co-ordinators.

Requests are presented in the application in a triage sense with parameters around priority / date of request etc. all clearly visible. The organisation can then process, adjust or decline the request in line with available information. Types of stock are maintained in the system including their origin (inside / outside London or donated). Co-ordinators can then be given the relevant authority around approval steps, amending priorities or viewing overall outcomes.

Managers have an overview of requests including the ability to use filters and reports showing overall volumes and case requests per day.