SafeDesk 2023

A mobile hot-desk booking Application that allows Users to book desks, meeting rooms or other bookable areas. New Features Now Added.

Liberty Create 2023.3
Release Date
1st September 2021


SafeDesk™ is a mobile hot-desk booking Application that allows Users to book desks, meeting rooms or other bookable areas within any number of company Locations, in order to work on-site, or attend or schedule meetings with other colleagues, in a safe and compliant manner in accordance with the company Covid19 conditions.  It has been designed to be as intuitive and simple to use as possible, in order to allow Users to go about their daily business with as little effort and intrusion from the application as possible. 

SafeDesk™ caters for two different types of User:

  • Casual Users who only attend our premises occasionally, to attend meetings, or to work in the office at a hot-desk, on an “as needed” basis.
  • Allocated Users who the business has deemed necessary to be mostly office based, and have a permanently allocated desk that is assigned for their use only.

SafeDesk™ has the capability to accurately monitor the safe occupancy levels of defined Locations through employees checking in and out of the building as they arrive and leave.

This is Version 2 of SafeDesk that includes enhanced multi-location reporting and time-based data purging. 

SafeDesk Version 5.0 New Features!

Lone Worker
Health and Safety feature that alerts the business and the User if they are working alone in the Location today!
Re-Booking with customisable Booking history function – The ability to choose a recently booked Desk or Meeting Room from a history list for speedy re-booking!

Room Membership and Restriction
The ability to restrict a Meeting Room and add Members to the room, allowing only them to book this room. For example, Only nominated Board Members can book the Board Room!

Attribute Audit Report
A quick audit report that enables Administrators to ensure any Attributes assigned to a Desk or Meeting room, are actually the reality of the physical location. So if Desk AC13 shows in SafeDesk that the Desk is equipped with a 19” Monitor, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse and an Ethernet Connection, then this report can be used as a physical checklist against what is physically in place at the Desk or Meeting Room.

Booking Blocking by Area Type (Desk/Meeting Room)
The ability to block out the booking of all Desks, and/or all Meeting Rooms by way of a single click for each Area type!

Custom Agenda Screen Message to Users
The ability to add a message that appears on the SafeDesk User Home Screen (Agenda) that can display any information you may wish to share. For example: Our Bedford Location will be closed all day on Wednesday October 26 for urgent maintenance!

New “At Risk” Alerting with fully customisable Alert Messages
SafeDesk now has the ability to automatically identify any internal Users or meeting Guests (External) who may be “At Risk” due to having been in a Location at the time of another person who has since tested positive for Covid. Once SafeDesk has identified anyone at risk, you may compose customisable messages to both Internal Users and Guests to advice them accordingly.

Improved Live Dashboard and Who’s In views
We have improved the readability of these screens to provide a more cohesive and legible view of a great deal of information. A much better User experience.

New Direct Reports function
The ability to assign Direct Reports to any given user in the system. This is to add infrastructure to SafeDesk that will allow for future features to be more easily added, but is a useful reporting tool in the meantime.

Improved More Info view in User interface
We have also improved the view of he More Info page in the SafeDesk User interface. Again, a much improved experience, including clickable links to pop up pages that provide deeper details.