Subjectivities Management 2023

This Accelerator manages the Subjectivity process for Insurance Brokers.

Liberty Create 2023.3
Release Date
9th December 2020


This Accelerator is designed for an insurance broker organisation. This broker will have a number of customers who have arranged insurance policies through the broker, with carriers / insurers providing the policies. These policies may be subject to subjectivities. Subjectivities are measurements added by carriers to policies which an Insured (customer) must prove for their policy to be valid or not ‘On Risk’.

The Accelerator allows a broker to manage these subjectivities with the customer, ensuring that they are met and evidence to that effect is provided. The broker can view the policies against their customers, view the subjectivities, note what evidence the customer needs to provide and allocate these to the customer. A customer portal allows the customer’s employees allocated to these evidence requests, to upload and document these. Brokers can set deadlines for the customers to meet, as well as internal deadlines for review, ensuring the evidence is provided in a timely manner and can be made available to carriers as necessary.

This Accelerator concatenates the evidence for the subjectivities that are needed and the process for getting this data into one place. It replaces the traditional method of evidence being mailed or faxed to the broker, held with spreadsheets of the information for the broker to manage and track the process. All records are trackable and the interface is intuitive for users, with clear direction on tasks they are assigned. Communications between the parties is also handled by the application, reducing the need for external mail clients.