TH Host

TH Host supports the creation and management of TH Framework applications for goods or services. It supports processes used by both employees and tenants. It is designed to host one or more of the TH Modules available from the library of Modules in the AppShare.

Tenant Hub 2021.3
Release Date
30th March 2022


TH Host is a key part of the Netcall Tenant Hub Framework (TH). This framework consists of three connected parts; Central, Host and Modules. An installation consists of:

  • The TH Central Accelerator which is the core of the Framework and provides the functionality to manage cases from creation to completion. It also provides the customer portal.
  • Several TH Host Accelerators that provide the structure to support the Modules within the Framework. Hosts manage data from the processes that are carried out by Modules.
  • Many Modules that perform processes, with each process being its own module.
  • Data is then aggregated within Host for viewing within Central and from within in the customer portal. (more detail on each element is provided below)

The TH Framework accelerators and modules can be completely customised to suit the specific needs of your housing association or council and tailored to deliver critical information to the agent and customer at first point of contact. It also supports integration with Liberty Converse with all elements of the TH Framework.

The specific architectural approaches and the way modules are used within the Framework needs support from our professional services team. Anyone wishing to deploy the Central and Host accelerators should contact their Netcall Account Manager or relevant Netcall contact.
This Framework cannot be downloaded directly from the AppShare.

  • To help customers implement and configure the TH Framework Netcall offers a dedicated TH training course and mentoring.
  • Note: any subsequent installations of Host and Modules can then be undertaken without the need for assistance from Netcall.

Here is more detail on the Framework elements.
TH Central Accelerator
The Central Accelerator is the core of the Framework and provides the functionality to manage cases from creation to completion.
The Accelerator provides a portal where tenants are able to create new and monitor existing cases.
Central also provides your staff with access to cases that have been assigned to them to progress. These can then be progressed through the relevant stages dependent on the particular case type. They also have access to the customer record, which provides them with full access to the customer history, including open and closed cases.
TH Host Accelerator
The Host acts as a host for, and provides the framework to, support Modules within the Framework.
This includes the integration to Central to access the Core customer records. Cases can then be raised against these customers. Once created the summary information is shared with Central to provide your employees with an overview of a particular customer’s engagement with you.
You can install one or many Host(s) within your Liberty Create controller and they will all work with a single Central instance. Use of the Host Accelerator is therefore dependent on the installation of the Central Accelerator.
TH Modules 
Modules are designed to provide an example of a service-based solution that can be used to promote and support a housing association’s desire to move to a more ‘digital first’ service provision.
Each Module will provide the basic form capture and a process to manage the lifecycle of the case, from creation to completion. Each stage of the process also includes any automated email communication that is necessary for this process.