Liberty Create Training

Choose an appropriate classroom course from our program and then book from our timetable of available dates.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we cannot offer face to face classroom based training. All training programs are, however, still available via eLearning or remote delivery. If you would like further information, complete the form below. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

Builder Essentials Level 1 (3 days)

Get a thorough introduction to building business applications on the Liberty Create Low-code development platform. Download overview

Certified Professional Program

Following completion of the Builder Essentials Level 1 course, you can opt to join the Liberty Create Certified Professional Program.

Builder Essentials Level 2 (2 days)

Once you have passed the Certification program, you can build upon the Liberty Create knowledge gained during the Builder Essentials Level 1 course. Download overview

Pick and Mix Modules

Once you’ve become a Liberty Create Certified Professional, you can access a range of optional training modules and refresher sessions.

Local Government CH Essentials (2 days)

Once you have completed your Builder Essentials Level 1 course, and passed the Certification program, this course will teach you how to install and configure the CH framework, build CH modules for services, or download and install modules available on the AppShare. Download Overview
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