General Surveys 2020

An intuitive survey builder for a range of internal and external survey use cases.

Liberty Create 2020.2

Release date

13th November 2020


Liberty Create 2020.2




Liberty Create Accelerator


The brief for this Accelerator was to produce a basic, intuitive survey building capability for a range of internal and external survey use cases. 

Core functionality within Liberty Create has always allowed for extensive Form design, but often requires end users to access the Build Studio to update and maintain.  The aim of this application was to allow operational end users to build contact lists and lists of questions which are then used to form a survey.

These surveys can be used to provide a valuable source of feedback directly from your employees, customers, patients or service users across all markets. 

Distribution of Authenticated Links can naturally be across multiple channels including Email and SMS, with extensions where subsequent workflows can be automatically triggered based on responses using wider Liberty Platform capabilities, for example CallBacks, Outbound Calls / Escalations for departmental review etc.